What is “Accountable Equity Learn & Grow”?


It is an educational event which focuses on learning about various alternative investment strategies and the business models which produce the returns.



Why does Accountable Equity believe regular Learn & Grow events are so important?


We are building a community of families who are eager to learn more about the ways they can invest and more importantly with WHOM they can invest their hard-earned family equity.   Our experience has shown that the best way to build community and learn the priorities of others is to spend time with them in a learning and growing environment.


Who should attend the Accountable Equity Learn & Grow events?


All families who are looking to learn more about ways they can invest that does not include Wall Street are encouraged to attend. Some of the strategies and opportunities to invest will require “Accredited Investor” status, while others may be available to sophisticated investors who have developed a relationship with the Accountable Equity Team. Learn & Grow events are the perfect way to begin and foster these important relationships.


Do all Accountable Equity Learn & Grow events include a meal and tour?


Yes, we always share a meal and hospitality during every Accountable Equity Learn & Grow event. We believe in gatherings that create community and nothing is more fundamental than breaking bread together. Our heart is in hospitality so we always want our new friends, investors, and prospective investors to become part of our tribe as the consider joining our investment opportunities.


Is there a cost for attending these Learn & Grow events?

Yes, the cost per person is just $50. Even though the value of the meal and cocktails would retail well over $100, we enjoy offering this amazing event at the minimum price possible for our visitors and current investors.


Who should attend the Accountable Equity Learn & Grow Events?

We believe that all families who are ready to become “accountable” with their personal “equity” will gain tremendous value from attending and being with a like-minded tribe. Investors who have already invested with Accountable Equity, as well as new friends who want to develop long term relationships with our team and each other will find the Lean & Grow events very rewarding.  


What is the typical AE Learn & Grow program?

4:30 pm Tour of Renault Winery & Resort (This is the “soft-start” because it is optional and it does include both an outdoor golf cart tour as well as a walking tour of the building interiors.)

5:30 pm Cocktail Reception sponsored by Renault Winery Resort

6:30 pm Assemble for dinner and presentation

9:00 pm Official Completion of the evening

9:00 pm Un-Official after party at the hotel bar


Are children welcome at AE Learn & Grow events?


Children are definitely welcome within our Accountable Equity community. We have several kiddos ourselves. We do bring our family to the events to host an activity room for the children while the parents are enjoying the presentations and dinner. The kids will have a meal provided in their room and our children will offer games and activities as well as a movie option.

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